China – The Emerging Destination For Foreign Students

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Today, besides it being one of the most populated countries it also has one of the richest economies. The Chinese have over the past few years become the center of the world’s attention. This is probably due to the fact that this country has now become the center for outsourcing. With all of this and more to its advantage more and more students from all over the world seem to want to study in China.

Role of education in China
Education has always been a major player and contributor to the economic development and the cultural history of this great nation. Although programs of education were severely disrupted during the Cultural Revolution, things were put back on track by Deng Xiaoping. The concept of ‘Four Modernizations’ was put into place by him. This concept recognized the need for higher training levels in order for agriculture, national defense, industry and technology to advance. Study China programs that are available today incorporate this concept in all disciplines.

What can you study in China?
As an international student you will find that China offers courses of higher education in almost all disciplines. You will find courses non-degree, degree, technical, scientific and vocational courses of all kinds. The most popular fields here are science and engineering although fields like medicine, international relations and law are catching up. Some of the best universities are the Peking University, Fudan University (Shanghai), Nanjing University and the Tsinghua University (Beijing). As a foreign student you must keep in mind that you will also have to study Chinese if you decided to pursue your education here.

The next step
If you do decide on studying in China, you will be pleased to know that China can offer you a lot in terms of your career as well. With the Chinese economy opening up to the world, the job opportunities here are huge. However in order to be successful, you will have to learn Chinese in China or you will face a big problem with communication.

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