What Should You Bring on a Golf Holiday and How to Get It Right

The way to be prepared is to write a list of everything you think you need to take, start with the basics and then list all the golf related items, when going through the golf related items make some notes to check out the resort or area you are visiting to see what the temperature will be, what the dress code is at that particular golf course and if there are golf shops should you need to buy anything you may suddenly need.

The last thing you want to do is take all the wrong type of clothing, not have the clothes you think you needed to play golf, forget the golf shoes you feel most comfortable in and the list goes on. Now make sure that within your golf bag you have packed enough golf balls, golf gloves, golf towel, golf tees, ball markers and a pitch fork to repair the greens after the ball has made a pitch mark.

Your golf clubs should be checked for any damage or marks before you leave just in case they are damaged in transit or worse if one or more go missing, so make a note of exactly what is in your bag, if the climate is cool and there is a possibility of rain take water proofs and a hat and pack them in the bag. Shoes can also be fitted in the golf bag, this way all golf related items, apart from your clothes are all together. One tip when packing your clubs is to wrap a large towel tightly around the head of the clubs and tuck it into the golf bag, this will protect the clubs when being thrown about by the baggage handlers! Also make sure you have a good travel bag for the golf bag and clubs, this offers more protection and will limit the damage they could occur.

Finally your own clothing for on and of the course needs to be laid out so you can see exactly what you are taking, how many times have people packed without listing or laying out what they will need and when they unpack the other end there is the one shirt you wanted missing along with the special belt you must have for those particular pants. When you have all your off the course clothes laid out, be particular that you have enough clothes for the golf course, how many days will you play golf? make certain you have the right shirts and socks because it maybe easy to buy certain items when at the resort but this will start to eat into your money that was going to be used for eating out and special trips.

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